What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

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Learn about Manual Lymphatic Drainge for stress relief, health and detoxification.
manual lymphatic drainage edinburgh west linton

Manual Lymphatic Drainge stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to promote health and optimal balance. We offer these treatments in Edinburgh and West Linton.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, sometimes also called ‘lymphatic massage’, is a combination of gentle rhythmic (and super relaxing!) massage techniques. 

When massaging, I use specific sequence patterns and in the direction of lymph flow. Although it’s a gentle form of massage, some level of pressure is still needed to promote movement of lymph under the skin.

We use a protocol approved by the European Society of Lymphology.

Lymphatic drainage is what yoga used to be 10 or 15 years ago. It is a hidden gem of a treatment, which is yet to gain its mainstream popularity for its amazing benefits.

lymphatic system drainage living health edinburgh west linton

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage


1. Deep Relaxation Response

Do you feel anxious, stressed out or have difficulty relaxing?

Manual lymphatic drainage can help calm down the nervous system (the ‘fight or flight’ mode).The regular rhythm and pressure with which the treatment is performed promotes relaxation and stimulates the parasympathetic (‘rest & digest’) nervous system.

This is why those receiving it often feel a deep sense of calm, restoration and might even fall asleep during their treatment.

2. Pain Relief

In pain or after an injury?

Manual lymphatic drainage can reduce and alleviate pain and is very effective with speeding up recovery after surgery or an acute injury, such as a sprained ankle.

Waste material present in the connective tissue is removed through lymphatic pathways, often resulting in reduced pain levels.

3. Stronger Immune System

Are you ready to strengthen your immune system?

Manual lymphatic drainage supports a healthy immune system. A properly functioning immune system needs a healthy lymph flow as it is the lymph that removes bacteria , viruses and other foreign substances from the body.

4. Reducing Swelling / Edema

After surgery or doing too much sitting?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a very effective way to help decrease swelling. Swelling can be present in legs due to sedentary lifestyle, for instance, in pregnancy or even after surgery. Draining the lymph on a regular basis helps to increase lymph flow and drains the excess fluid from the treated area.


From both giving and receiving this phenomenal treatment modality, I know that manual lymphatic drainage is yet to receive its rightful place in the sun. It’s a beautiful treatment that promotes the self healing capacity of the body which starts with eliminating stress, enjoying more deeply restorative states to promote longevity and rejuvenation.

If you haven’t tried it, I would like to invite you to give it a try!

Here’s what one of our lovely clients, Merelle, said about her first manual lymphatic drainage treatment:

"I had never tried a lymphatic drainage massage before and found it deeply relaxing! I didn't really know what to expect, but Veronika explained the treatment process very well and asked me which areas I would like the focus to be on. I actually fell asleep within ten minutes, it must have been exactly what my body needed at that time. The pressure on my head/scalp was a winner! Would definately recommend for anyone feeling stressed and in need of relaxation. Thank you Veronika :)"

Veronika Appleford Divincova

Veronika Appleford Divincova

The co-founder of Living Health. Passionate about health, yoga, massage & personal development.

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