Mark and Veronika are a couple of practitioners passionate about helping people from all walks of life enjoy a healthy vibrant body and mind.

They got married a few years ago, they both are obsessed with exploring the human experinece, dogs. They love living in the countryside.


Mark’s therapeutic work is enriched by a deep level of insight into the human mind, mental health, addiction and behaviour change. 

Throughout his clinical experience Mark has honed his skills to clearly focus on his clients’ needs and gently guide them to realise the underlying cause of the issue they are experiencing.

Mark’s approach draws upon a whole person mind-body philosophy and equally includes a more specific focus on effectively treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Over the years Mark has practised remedial and therapeutic massage, Chinese medicine, Tui Na and other body and mind systems, such as meditation, mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy. 

He has also practised and taught many forms of martial arts. At the moment, he is in the process of completing training in Sports Therapy.

Mark loves to go for walks, practise martial arts and explore movement and meditation. There isn’t a day in his life when he wouldn’t pick up a book to read. He, of course, adores his wife and tries to make her laugh everyday.

Veronika appleford divincova

Veronika’s approach is focused on helping clients calm their nervous system and get out of the state of stress and overwhelm. 

She facilitates an experience of true deep restorative states within the body to build greater awareness and to promote closer connections between the mind and the body.

Veronika is a lifelong learner bringing her passion for education and background in teaching into Living Health’s mission. 

She has completed a variety of training ranging from remedial and sports massage, Kinetic Chain Release, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage to a gym instructor and fitness training. She is currently in the process of completing her Zen Yoga Teacher training.

Veronika loves music, to sing and to dance (especially when no one’s watching). She also adores her husband, has a close relationship with her family, enjoys yoga and good food. She’s recently found a new hobby – gardening and growing food.