Our Motto: Improve Health, Inspire Change

We believe that the state of health of every person is influenced by their environment, the mind and emotions, physical capacity, how they live, by their choices and actions.

Good Health is simply a journey that we all choose to walk, each of us at a different pace. Along that path we might need inspiration, education and support until we reach our destination.

We are 100% positive that if people become healthier, the world will be a kinder and a better place.

Veronika & Mark


  • We specialise in therapeutic & wellbeing massage/bodywork,
    cognitive therapies and movement practices for optimal health.
  • We are inspired and influenced by the mind-body philosophy, Chinese medicine, mindfulness, the work of Gabor Mate, MD. and Bessel Van Der Kolk.
  • We can help you with overcoming musculoskeletal tension & injuries, stress reduction & mental health, deep relaxation & meditation, personal transformation & mentoring.
  • When needed, we collaborate with medical practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other professionals to help you maximise your results.


At Living Health, we want to help as many you as we can to:


Realise that you are central to the change you want to make.


Understand how the mind and body relationship affects health.


Develop awareness that will guide more meaninful choices.

We do this through sharing with you what we have learnt and practised over the years about health, movement, exercise and balanced lifestyle. We are here to give you the most effective tools, interventions and inspiring education that will make a positive impact on your own health journey, on the people around you and the world at large.


The catalyst to create Living Health was our own experience of stress, the consequences of trauma, whether big or small, and the need for the world to remember what it means to be human.  Through exploration we have recognised the undeniable connection between the mind and the body and its relevance in influencing the human health, wellbeing and the world.

Making Living Health a reality was a natural step forward for both Mark and Veronika to make a contribution to a better world.


Certainly recommend Veronika and Mark Appleford for their professional skills. Mark treats me for Tui Na and Veronika for Kinetic Chain Release. Both can treat in other areas – and wouldn’t hesitate in using them. After my Achilles injury,both have helped me through this rehabilitation period – and now I attend for routine maintenance every few month. I’m much indebted to their skills where others failed.
Karen, Edinburgh