Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

How we think and feel affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. In general, it impacts on our quality of life, health and resilience. When all our body systems work well together we are content and happy. When one of them becomes overworked we experience imbalance. This can lead to negative or distorted thinking and poor emotional control. Depending on the intensity and time it can contribute to a sense of dissatisfaction or more severe mental health issues. Sometimes we need help to change our inner world and this can take the form of hypnotherapy or mindfulness based approach.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that can be used to help create change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings. It works with overcoming and integrating past trauma, fears and anxieties and it is equally effective with improving psychological performance, increasing self esteem and the ability to achieve goals faster and more effectively.
Under the direction of an experienced and highly trained therapist, a person receiving hypnotherapy is guided into a state of deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation. This allows the therapist to work with the inner part of the client where strength and resources can be accessed to create change on a profound level. This change filters through to all aspects of who they are.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is effective with:
● Fears and phobias
● Anxiety and stress
● Panic attacks
● Insomnia
● Lack of self-confidence
● Weight management
● Smoking cessation
● Low Mood and types of depression
● Physical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin conditions and migraines.
● And much more

* Free 15min introductory consultation


Mindfulness is about developing a skill of maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment through a gentle nurturing lens. From this state thought can be influenced and emotions regulated in the present and the unconscious negative reactions and habits can be let go off. As a result of this we are getting an opportunity to grow more positive conscious actions.

* Free 15min introductory consultation