Our Motto: Improve Health, Inspire Change

Our Why

Good Health is a journey that we all need to walk, each of us at a different pace. Along that path we need inspiration, education and support until we reach our destination.

We are 100% positive that if people become healthier, the world will be a kinder and a better place.

We believe that the state of health of every person is influenced by their environment, the mind and emotions, physical capacity, how they live, by their choices and actions.

Our Mission

At Living Health, we want to help as many people as we can to:

  • Realise that they are central to the change they want to make;
  • Understand how the mind and body relationship affects health;
  • Develop awareness that will guide their choices and actions in a more meaningful way;
  • Access inspiring education, effective tools and interventions that will make a positive impact on their own health journey, on the people around them and the world at large.

What we do

At Living Health we specialise in therapeutic and well being massage, cognitive therapies and movement practices that are strongly influenced by the mind and body connection philosophy.

Our joint expertise is spread across musculoskeletal injuries, movement, deep relaxation, stress reduction, resilience building and promoting good mental health strategies.

Health is a wide and varied subject with many factors affecting it and no one can master all aspects of it. This is why we collaborate with practitioners we respect highly from other disciplines, be it medical doctors, physiotherapists or nutritionists, and we refer you on if we recognise that it suits your particular needs better.

Our Story

The catalyst to create Living Health was our own experience of the consequences of trauma, chronic stress, the lack of awareness and the disconnection between the mind and body on human health, wellbeing and the world.

As a health professional Mark has worked with a variety of people, from homeless and vulnerable individuals suffering from an extreme addiction to millionaires with control issues.

He observed them going through the same behaviours and patterns of agitation and anxiety with different intensities and expression.

Mark noticed that what they and many other people in today’s world had in common was looking outside of themselves for the answer and not realising they had influence over the reactions that contributed to the state of their health.

Veronika used to work in a stressful job and without giving much care to her own body, unaware of the overwhelm she was experiencing. Her personal and professional interest in health and wellbeing was inspired over a decade ago by her search for more meaning and purpose. She recognises the value self care, awareness, education and help from the outside can make on one’s life.

Joining forces in making Living Health a reality was a natural step forward for both Mark and Veronika to make a contribution to a better world.

About Veronika Appleford Divincova

Veronika’s approach is focused on helping clients calm their nervous system and get out of the state of stress and overwhelm. She facilitates an experience of true deep restorative states within the body to build greater awareness and to promote closer connections between the mind and the body.

Veronika is a lifelong learner brining her passion for education and background in teaching into Living Health’s mission. She completed a variety of training from remedial and sports massage, Kinetic Chain Release, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage to a gym instructor and fitness training. She is in the process of completing her Zen Yoga Teacher training.

Veronika loves music, to sing and to dance (especially when no one’s watching). She adores her husband, has a close relationship with her family, enjoys yoga and learning new skills, including speaking Spanish.

About Mark Appleford

Mark’s therapeutic work is enriched by a deep level of insight into the human mind, mental health, addiction and behaviour change. Throughout his clinical experience Mark has honed his skills to clearly focus on his clients’ needs and gently guide them to realise the underlying cause of the issue they are experiencing.

Mark’s approach draws upon a whole person mind-body philosophy and equally includes a more specific focus on effectively treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Over the years Mark has practised remedial and therapeutic massage, Chinese medicine, Tui Na and other body and mind systems, such as meditation, mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy. He has also practised and taught many forms of martial arts. At the moment he is in the process of completing training in Sports Therapy.

Mark loves to go for walks, practise martial arts and explore movement and meditation. There isn’t a day in his life when he wouldn’t pick up a book to read. He, of course, also adores his wife and tries to make her laugh everyday.

Hub for Change

We are in the process of creating a purposeful educational material that will inspire, energise and promote transformation and connection. (coming soon)